A synergy of competences

In the framework of an activity like ours, where international accounting standards and local tax and legal regulations evolve quickly, the permanent update of our knowledge is more than a necessity. It assures you of the high level of our advisory. In this respect, we pay full attention to the continuous training of our staff. 
The assistants that we select are graduates of highly reputable universities. Their initial training is completed with programs of continuous training, in addition to an experience acquired on the field. Those assistants are supervised by our most experienced staff members who teach them the standards of the profession, helping them to fully develop their potential. 
Furthermore, our junior staff members are in close relationships with the senior members, which facilitates the group's work. Thanks to this training system, our staff has perfectly acquired the values of our firm, which are strict work, a high level of expertise at the service of our clients, professional ethics, and confidentiality.
Likewise, we propose training our clients' staff on the information systems we implement in order to achieve the best results from the implementation of our recommendations. This close collaboration with our clients is definitely the advantage that makes the distinction for DAHER & PARTNERS.