Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance 
Our objective is to assist the companies in choosing between several financing opportunities and to conceive financial arrangements with the appropriate sources.
We propose to our clients, who are amongst the leading Lebanese businesses a large range of financial services organized in 3 practices:
Financial valuation and financial advisory:
We assist the companies no matter what their scope of activity is, to define, implement and translate in financial terms their growth strategy through business plans and feasibility studies.
Mergers and acquisitions:
We provide our clients with a full range of services related to the realization of the transaction: offers preparation, due diligence, audit coordination, financing needs, implementation of financial arrangements and assistance to the negotiations.
Group financing and consolidation: 
Our group of specialists has most of all a proven track record in the field of consolidation, diagnosis audit, assistance and consultancy in addition to their experience in group financing. Furthermore, our good relation ship with the leading Lebanese banks makes it easier for us to access financing resources and allows us to conceive financial arrangements with the bankers, and be part of their implementation.