Management & Organization Consulting 

Set the organization and the IT systems at the service of the development and the competitiveness.

The views formulated on the accounts are not in our opinion the sole purpose of the statutory audit assignments. We aim to offer services and consultancy that can play an innovative role and most important, to let them respond to our clients' expectations.

The open market, the international competition and the reach for an optimal profitability, have led to an unprecedented grouping and rationalization of the production tool. Daher & Partners proposes guidance to its clients during their development stage in order to let them benefit from all the opportunities. 

Our group of experts is able to offer you assistance in your strategic decision making process, elaboration and establishment of new structures, as well as the reorganization that accompany these mutations.

Furthermore, at Daher & Partners, when a certain assignment requires a specific knowledge, it is always possible to call for the assistance of specialists. These are either professionals from within our firm who master the required techniques related to field such as the setting up of data systems, consolidation, and legal expertise, or external correspondents called upon request for their competence in a variety of fields such as the Lebanese and international tax system, or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). 

Non profit organizations:

Our firm has created a specialized team that provides the same consultancy services adapted to the requirements of Non-Governmental organizations (NGO). We have undertaken many consultancy assignments on NGO projects in Lebanon funded by International Organizations, among others the European Union.