DAHER & PARTNERS is a member of the JPA International Network that gathers more than 190 offices in 90 countries around the world, sharing the same level of high professional quality service, with through a large range of expertise in various industries and disciplines. Our common motto is to "Think global and act local"

JPA International is a worldwide accountancy and audit network that provides one-stop services to clients across the globe. You tell us what you are planning, and in which countries, we arrange the cross-border services for you, letting you focus on one point of contact. Firms in the network also act on single country projects.

The network has been growing steadily for over fifteen years. There are now 190 member firms, generally of comparable structure and medium size, in 90 countries.

The network has expanded organically so it can maintain high quality control over the vital human factors skills, outlook, and the right blend of personalities.

Crucially, you gain access to a winning combination of independence, integrity, professionalism, and personal attention to your affairs. We know each other well, understand how to work with each other, and enjoy cooperating successfully. We have a central management office in Paris but you can choose to have your business handled by any major member of the network. One partner from the chosen firm will act as the main coordinator for all work carried out for you.

Natural Skills, Special Responses

We set and achieve the very highest standards. You will find that every firm is run by partners and teams who have a wealth of accounting know-how and local cultural knowledge.

Expertise within the network naturally focuses on audit, accounting, and taxation as our mainstream services. We ensure that everyone is not only highly competent in these areas but has the acumen to advice on relevant financial and business issues.

All our firms have people with multi-lingual capabilities. We know that ease of communication is a high priority in carrying out business quickly and effectively. Every piece of work gets the same attention to detail. We are rigorous in ensuring everything is delivered accurately and on time.

We have gained experience in working in nearly all industries and business sectors, including manufacturing, hi-tech, marketing, and professional services. As a result, we can quickly understand the problems you are facing.

You can rest assured that we have worked and are working for most types of clients, ranging from private individuals through owner-managed companies to established international groups. So we have a sound bedrock in dealing with situations similar to yours, but we never forget that your needs are unique.

Common Goals, Special Service

We may work for independent firms but we all subscribe to the same charter. This charter stresses the honesty, integrity, and absolute professionalism we bring to accounting and business ethics. These aren't just words to us.

Firms are vetted very carefully before we invite them to join. We want to be sure that each member benefits from the network as well as adding to it and sharing our principles.

You will find that the network is consequently rich in people ready to give forward-thinking advice, based on a solid foundation of best practice. We have harmonized our standards and systems in areas such as IT and training wherever possible.

We monitor standards regularly, including annual quality control returns, and maintain them scrupulously. In addition, we hold conferences every four months where we exchange knowledge and ideas, improving our ways of working together.


Although charges will obviously differ according to the complexity of the work, one common standard applies: we all share the same policy of transparent pricing and are committed to making our charges competitive. For cross-border work, you can choose whether you wish subsidiaries to pay locally or settle on one central fee. The cost of any assignment will be itemized and agreed upon in advance, so you know exactly what you're paying for top-level advice and great value.

For more information on our Network: www.jpainternational.com