Analyzing and guaranteeing the quality of the financial and accounting information, in addition to the reliability of the procedures.
Nowadays, practicing auditing leads us to elaborate the company of the future. Our work is not limited to simple arithmetic combinations. Our mission is to acquire a global understanding of the clients business, its strategy, its structure, its fiscal and administrative constraints.
This thorough knowledge of the company is used to give our clients an added value, allowing them to manage the risks and to improve the profitability and the productivity of their company. 
Auditing as seen by DAHER & PARTNERS is twofold. From the outside, it gives credibility to the information being diffused. From the inside, it constitutes a tool for communication and decision making to the administrators.
This approach of the audit is based on a dynamic methodology that includes the following strategic steps: 
  • To understand the activity and the environment of the company so as to pinpoint its Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.
  • Identify internal and external risk factors.
  • Communicate our findings to the client and follow-up the implementation of our recommendations.